Work starts on the hideous house

Though not exactly a first time property developer, Rosedene Avenue is by far the biggest project I've ever taken on. I've renovated a flat in the past, and Philly and I have worked together bringing his rental flat up to standard, but this is in a different league, needing new heating and water, windows and a full rewire as well as the usual decorating, kitchen and bathroom.
Having received the keys a week ago, we walked in to a vision (and smell) of the 1970's crossed with an old people's home. The Stannah stair-lift set us both off thinking how useful it might be to get heavy building equipment upstairs (as well as the fun we might have at a party) until we found that it wasn't even working. The wallpaper was falling off, the carpets threadbare, and the filthy kitchen consisted of nothing but a sink. We knew we had our work cut out, but where to start…?

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