Things are moving on a pace at the house. We’ve managed to get all the carpets and floor coverings up now which is great in some ways (really good not to feel so much like we’re living in an old persons house, and the carpets were so dirty and threadbare that there really wasn’t any point trying to clean them), but means we have to wear shoes all the time as the unpolished wood floors aren’t the most feet friendly surfaces to walk on. Phil has the unenviable task of going over them all with a fine tooth comb to get rid of every last  nail, screw and staple, of which there are many. Now the carpets are up there are a few strange smells eminating from under the bathroom and kitchen floors, but I’m sure once things dry out they should clear. Lets hope there isn’t anything rotting away under there!

I’ve also managed to strip the wallpaper from two rooms and most of the hallway so far. An arduous and back breaking task, the picture below shows me preparing for my hen night with rollers in my hair as I get the last bit done. Its quite addictive. Once you’ve started you don’t want to stop until the whole room is done, even if this means complete exhaustion. Still, if I continue at this speed either the house will be finished by Christmas, or I’ll kill myself trying. Not sure which yet!

The surveyor came this morning to measure up for the new back door. When that’s in we should be able to knock down the hideous and dangerous conservatory giving us a nice patio. We’re also close to appointing the contractor who will put in the new electrics and heating system whilst we are away on honeymoon. Though it means coming back to an even more chaotic house that we will be leaving, it also means that most of the really messy work is out of the way so that we can begin putting everything back together. Though there is still so much to do, at least we feel like we’re making progress. I just need to decide what comes next. Might have to put my project managers hat on today and actually make a programme – can’t believe I’m taking my work home with me. I suppose we all have to be sensible once in a while.

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