Starting to make progress – finally!


Things are really starting to come along at the house. Its still a complete tip, but Phil’s really making progress on the bathroom tiles, and I’ve now managed to get the kitchen plans nailed down. We decided we didn’t want a modern shiny fitted kitchen look, and I also didn’t really want something so disposable as chipboard laminate, so we thought we’d do our bit for the environment and i’ve been scouring ebay to buy old oak sideboards that match so we can put together a kitchen from separate pieces. We’ve finally got all the bits we need, and combined with a beautiful stainless steel range cooker we should have a gorgeous kitchen when its finished. Plan is to paint the cabinets with farrow and ball so they look nice and matte – sort of old school, maybe in cream, then have solid oak worktops and a bit of stainless steel, open shelves on the walls and some retro lighting. I’m aiming for something that looks like the picture above, only with nicer cabinets!


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