Settling in at last

I'm sitting here with rather a large glass of wine watching tv. I know that doesn't sound like anything special, but this time last week it seemed like a pipe dream. When we walked through the door last Monday the place was disgusting. There was no kitchen, a stannah stair lift, mouldy carpets, a rotting conservatory, massively overgrown garden and broken windows. Since then we've managed to remove nearly all the carpets (and have nearly eradicated the smell of old people's home!) revealing some beautiful hardwood floorboards in really excellent condition. The stairlift is gone. I'm a little disappointed that I never managed to get it working as I did quite like the idea of never having to walk up the stairs again, and we never had the chance to have a legendary stairlift party either. But I now know far more about stairlifts than I ever though possible and it seems when the batteries go flat its time to admit defeat so the lift has gone to the great old people home in the sky.

We've also made great progress with the contractors. Its the first time I've ever really had workmen in and it feels a little like giving in to get someone else to do the work for us, but with the new gas regulations we're no longer allowed to do the work ourselves, and having a full time job makes it near impossible anyway. I also don't really know how to make double glazed windows (the Collins book of DIY has really let me down this time!) So defeat it is, and its quite refreshing to know that in 8 weeks or so we will have a new boiler and central heating, a complete rewire and the wall between the kitchen and dining room knocked down. We then just have to build it back up again. Can't wait!


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